Other Measures

Your trust and peace of mind are critical to us: Glide has been built with security in mind.
Glide was designed to be provably secure--please feel free to verify our source code. We have removed the commonly abused migrator code and added timelocks for full transparency and security.
Migrator functions have been removed.
  • The Migrator is often used by malicious developers/hackers to steal users' funds.
  • This is impossible on Glide, as the migration capability has been completely removed from our code.
  • Timelocks prevent any unseen and immediate changes to the Glide smart contracts. Changes are locked for a period of time and can be monitored publicly, alerting users to any changes.
  • Without timelocks, malicious parties can modify smart contracts immediately, giving no warning to the users.
  • Our timelock delay will be 7 days.
If a change is queued in the timelock and you disagree with it, you then have a period of time to withdraw your funds and alert others before the changes are pushed through.