Gas is often a friction point for moving assets between various blockchains. To solve this problem, we implemented a simple gas faucet that triggers automatically when users move assets from other blockchains to ESC. Currently, the drip is set at 0.01 ELA, which is sufficient to submit dozens of transactions on ESC.

There is currently no way to receive a faucet drip without first submitting a transfer request to the bridge. This is how we mitigate against spam. The faucet service will receive the request, verify the transaction hash as a legitimate bridge transaction, and then release the drip to the user's address.

To verify that your transaction is eligible for a faucet drip, you should see this notification at the bottom of the bridge page. Once you've submitted the transaction, you'll receive a notification if the drip was successful.

That's it. If for some reason the faucet fails or runs out of funds, please drop a message in the Telegram group and someone will assist you.

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