Single Stake Pools

Stake your GLIDE and earn rewards!

Glide's Pools are one of the easiest ways to start earning rewards:

  • Stake.

  • Profit.

  • Repeat!

No messing about with impermanent loss, selling half the rewards or pairing. At launch there will be three core staking options:

1. Manual GLIDE

Manual GLIDE is your typical staking pool. Users are given the option to harvest or compound their earned GLIDE themselves.

2. Auto GLIDE

Auto GLIDE is a automatic compounding vault for GLIDE staking. This gives users the option to set and forget. Simple stake your GLIDE and know that is automatically being compounded for you. Note that this pool has some additional parameters:

  • There is a 1% fee applied if the user decides to unstake their GLIDE before 7 days have passed. After 7 days, there is no unstaking fee

  • The 7 day timer will reset every time you stake fresh GLIDE in the vault

  • There is a 2% performance fee applied that will be sent to a treasury and then burnt

  • There is a bounty reward available for users to assist in compounding the pool. They will receive 0.25% of the pending GLIDE yield for activating the function

3. Dividend Pool

This is a special pool that is funded by several mechanisms:

  1. Every trade made on the Glide DEX is subject to a 0.25% trade fee, 0.2% of which is converted to ELA and deposited into this pool.

  2. The Glide supernode will deposit 100% of its income here. Vote for Glide on the mainchain for more ELA rewards on the Glide DEX!

  3. Future partnership programs and incentives are planned to inject more ELA into this pool.

Note that the ELA distribution rate of this pool may change frequently due to variations in the amount of ELA available to return to Glide platform users.

The Sugar Token

You may have noticed when you stake your GLIDE in the Manual or Auto GLIDE pools, you will receive a 'Sugar' token (because our mascot is a sugar glider of course!). This token is used for record keeping of your staked position. Do not transfer, sell, or burn this token. You will need it to redeem your GLIDE.

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