Liquidity Farming

Earn $GLIDE while staking LP tokens

The farm is the place to stake your Glide-LP (Glide Liquidity Pair tokens) to earn GLIDE. These farms provide incentives to people providing liquidity to Glide and help offset impermanent loss risk.

Farms at Launch

In order to ensure liquidity depth is sufficient, we support a limited set of assets from the supported bridge networks. Eventually the pairs that receive GLIDE incentives will be decided by community governance and will slant heavily in favor of high-demand assets that generate the most fees for the protocol.

See Farm Details for the allocation to each pair.

Have these tokens on another chain? You can bridge them to ESC using Glide by following this guide.

How to Stake Liquidity

If you have provided liquidity to a liquidity pool that is available for rewards (if not, please see Farms at launch section), then now is the time to earn some GLIDE! It is really easy to do.

  1. First find the pair you wish to farm, and make the Glide-LP for that pair on the liquidity page.

  2. If this is your first time staking in this pool on Glide, you will need an approval from your wallet to begin the process. Click on "Enable". This will prompt a transaction to approve our smart contracts handling your Glide-LP tokens for that specific pool.

  3. Once that is done, click on the "+" icon.

  4. You will be shown a modal where you can specify how many of your Glide-LP tokens you wish to stake

  5. Once you've decided, clicking "Confirm" will then prompt you with the transaction necessary to stake the tokens in our smart contracts. That's it! Now all you have to do is sit back and relax while you earn GLIDE.

Liquidity Farm FAQ

Will there be any fees for staking/depositing? No, staking here is fee-free.

Are the APRs for real?! Yes, but as more liquidity joins the pool, expect the APRs to go down naturally as your share of the pool decreases.

What will I be earning? By staking your liquidity token in a farm, you are: 1. Collecting swapping fees whenever someone swaps between the pair you've provided. The amount of your Glide-LP tokens will not increase, but the value they represent will. 2. Earning GLIDE based on the farm weight. Because of how the Glide DEX fee structure is arranged, this will make up the majority of your income. I can't find my pair, where is it hiding? There may be a couple of reason why your pair is not showing up: 1. Check your wallet is connected, and to the Elastos network 2. If you've provided LP in a farm that's been deprecated, the pair will show up in the "Inactive" tab that you can switch to by clicking on the tab on the top left. Once you're on the Inactive farms page, you'll need to connect your wallet again to see if your pairs are there. 3. Your LP contract may still be confirming, you can check on the ESC explorer for the status 4. If your LP is staked in a farm, it will not show up in the "Liquidity" tab on the Swap page

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