Here is a list of all official Glide smart contracts. Always check here for the official contract addresses.

Token Contracts

GLIDE Token 0xd39eC832FF1CaaFAb2729c76dDeac967ABcA8F27

  • This contract address is for the $GLIDE token. Import this address into your wallet to begin sending and receiving $GLIDE

SUGAR Token 0xa09Fd898D9c14CE6503dDb7A6861Dd08642BF60e

  • This contract address is for the $SUGAR token. Do not interact with this token. It is for record keeping of your staked positions. You will need it to redeem your staked $GLIDE.

Automated Market Maker (AMM)

  • Factory 0xaAbe38153b25f0d4b2bDa620f67059B3a45334e5

  • Router 0xec2f2b94465Ee0a7436beB4E38FC8Cf631ECf7DF

Staking Contracts

MasterChef 0x7F5489f77Bb8515DE4e0582B60Eb63A7D9959821

  • The MasterChef controls the Glide farms and Manual GLIDE pool functions.

GlideVault 0xBe224bb2EFe1aE7437Ab428557d3054E63033dA9

  • The GlideVault handles the functions for the Auto GLIDE pool, allowing users to automatically compound their staked $GLIDE.

Swap Fee Contracts

FeeDistributor 0x87CC7290897cbe50Eb38e0C299B26798f87C8D5F

  • The FeeDistributor contract collects the exchange swap fees, converts them into ELA, and transfers them to the SwapRewardsChef contract. It is triggered every 6 hours by an external script.

SwapRewardsChef 0x80f2cF7059336b44a75F00451B81f8d742DD2b94

  • The SwapRewardsChef controls the dividend pool (stake GLIDE, earn ELA) function. The dev team will adjust the ELA distribution rate to ensure the pool does not run out of funds.

Other Contracts

Timelock 0x418cf264f8Ac12e75C28CD76072A7ECa44209EFC

  • The Timelock prevents instant changes to our smart contracts.

All contract code is open source and can be found on our Github.

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