RPC Endpoints

Use these settings to connect to the Elastos Smart Chain network.

If you are experiencing erratic site loading, transaction delays/failures, or other unexpected behaviour, you may be experiencing an RPC issue. In order to improve your experience, you can switch to another RPC server.

For Metamask this can be done by navigating to:

Settings > Networks > (Your Elastos Network)

From there, update the New RPC URL value.

Note: switching RPC endpoints does not impact your wallet's funds. They are safe and untouched.

Alternative RPC servers:

The Chain ID is always 20. Do not change this, or any of the other settings.

You may edit the existing Elastos network connection, or add a new network such as "Elastos 2". After updating the RPC address, confirm whether you are able to connect to Elastos and that your balance(s) display correctly.

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