General Troubleshooting

  1. When in doubt, refresh. Hard refresh by clearing cache and then refreshing.

  2. Networking can be spotty on mobile devices. Make sure you're connected to wifi. Switch from mobile to desktop if necessary.

  3. Switch browser, Glide works best on Chrome and Brave.

  4. Make sure you're connected to ESC on your wallet. For bridging, make sure you're connected to the chain/network you want to bridge from.

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Elastos Blockchain Issues

Having issues connecting or transacting on Elastos? You're not alone--check out some common issues and resolutions below.

Tips on improving your experience:

  • 🖇 Check your RPC endpoint is working. They can be congested at times.

  • ⛽ Watch the gas prices.

  • ⚠ Do not keep trying new transactions! Cancel or speed up the existing one.

RPC Endpoint Issues

  • If websites are loading but you are unable to load blockchain data, your RPC endpoint could be congested.

  • Check your Metamask token balances: if they are missing, this is a sign that your RPC endpoint is not working.

Gas Issues

  • If a transaction is not being confirmed (mined), you probably need to speed up the transaction by paying a higher gas price.

  • Do not keep trying new transactions (see below)!

Stuck/Pending Transactions

Other Weird Browser Behavior

  • In your browser settings, clear the site's cache.

  • In your browser settings, clear the site's cookies.

  • Ensure there are no pending transactions.

  • Restart the browser.

  • Try re-accessing the page.

In rare instances, it has been reported that backing up your private keys, and resetting the Metamask profile data or re-installing Metamask, has resolved some issues.

Site Connection Issues

At rare times, the Glide website may become unresponsive or offline, due to DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks.

Unfortunately, DDoS attacks are a common occurrence in the DeFi world. They are staged by bad actors who would wish to take us offline for their benefit.

Fear not--if our primary site is offline, please try one of our backup sites:

DDoS attacks are generally transitory and temporary, ceasing within a few hours.

Further Support

If you need further assistance, join us on Telegram. You can find updated links on our website.

For any other issues not covered in this guide, there are helpful people on Telegram who may be able to assist you.

Note that Glide moderators, developers and administrators will never directly message you first. If you get messages from people purporting to be Glide staff, they are scammers!

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