Launch Details

Fair launch. No pre-sale. No pre-mine.

Website Re-Launch

The website at will be upgraded on Monday, November 1st at approximately 6 PM UTC. At this stage, users will be able to bridge funds from Ethereum and Heco to ESC, provide liquidity, and stake their LP tokens in farms.

Before farming begins, you can deposit your tokens to any farms or pools, but there will be no rewards until the start block.

There is no rush! We want everyone who wishes to participate at start of $GLIDE farming to be able to do so and not miss out because they were busy at a specific time. There will be 2 days between the website launch and the first block to produce $GLIDE. See the farms details section for the liquidity pairs available at launch and the bridge section for instructions on how to move assets to ESC.

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Farming Start

  • Farming Start Block: #9255555

  • Estimated Time: 18:00 UTC on November 3rd

A countdown will be provided on the website for users to monitor for the start of farming.

The dev team will mint 1 $GLIDE to create the liquidity pools. There will be near-zero liquidity for $GLIDE before farming begins! Do not attempt to buy any!

The first days and hours for a zero pre-mine DEX token are highly volatile! We advise against buying the $GLIDE token while the supply remains low as the price can be easily manipulated.

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