A roadmap for Glide Finance. These objectives are not definite and may change.

Phase I: Initial Launch 🚀

This phase is all about getting the first working DEX in front of users on the Elastos Smart Chain (ESC). At this stage we will not be bringing anything especially new to DeFi, but rather adapting well-tested and secure smart contract logic for use on ESC as a foundational tool.
  • Design token economics
  • Work with Elastos cores teams on required infrastructure upgrades
    • Bridge support and fee subsidies
    • Essentials integration
    • Block explorer bug fixes
  • Design AMM
  • Create LP farms and staking structure
  • Audit
  • Emphasis on UI/UX
    • Clean interface
    • Solid branding
    • Desktop and mobile responsiveness
  • Built in cross-chain bridging
  • Gas faucet for first time ESC users
  • Seek support from CR to provide a base of liquidity
  • Release Glide supernode to boost staking rewards
We would like to thank the Elastos Foundation for the financial support they provided to help make this a reality.

Phase II: Foundational Work 🛠

Once we have this foundation established we can set our focus toward building the future of Glide and expanding activity on ESC.
  • Analytics page
  • Glide RPC node
  • Alternative hosting for frontend (IPFS backup or otherwise)
  • Explore partnerships with cross-chain liquidity protocols to add support for Elastos and expand our list of bridgeable networks
  • Work with other Elastos teams to support new tokens
  • Ecosystem NFT holder incentives (if applicable)
  • Partnership token rewards (if applicable)
  • Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)
    • Protocol voting
  • Limit orders
  • Tradingview charts
  • Portfolio tracker

Phase III: Exploratory Features

  • NFT integration with DeFi
  • Liquid Staking for ELA
  • Bond sales to generate protocol controlled liquidity
  • Dual asset farms
  • More efficient swapping algorithms for correlated assets
  • DID credentialing incentives
  • Explore long-term burning mechanisms for $GLIDE