To use Glide, you will need either need Elastos Essentials (download here), a MetaMask wallet connected to the Elastos Smart Chain, or a multi-chain wallet that supports adding custom networks (such as TokenPocket).

Elastos Essentials (pictured below) is the ecosystem's mobile super wallet and includes important features such as decentralized identifier (DIDs) support and cross-chain functions, which are used to move ELA from the Elastos mainchain to the Elastos Smart Chain. We recommend Essentials for users who wish to interact with Glide on their mobile devices.

For desktop users or users experienced with decentralized finance applications, MetaMask is recommended. MetaMask by default only supports the Ethereum network. However, when you connect MetaMask to Glide, it will automatically configure MetaMask to work with the Elastos Smart Chain. To add manually, use the follow network settings:

You can also click to add it on https://chainlist.org/ (labeled as ELA-ETH Sidechain).

To perform transactions on Glide or any other Elastos dApps, you will need ELA for gas. See here for the guide on how to get gas.

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