Smart contract security assessments

We have completed a full audit of our AMM and Masterchef contracts from Paladin Blockchain Security. The full audit report is provided below or may be viewed here. All identified issues have been acknowledged or resolved.

One point of clarification resulting from this audit.

  • Since the Glide token has a 10-year distribution, we wanted to prepare for the likely situation that we'll want to upgrade our staking contract to a more modern iteration at some point in the future. The way most Sushiswap-based protocols work is the Masterchef contract is made the owner of the rewards token contract and this cannot be changed. This has some advantages in terms of investor confidence, but disadvantages in that improvements cannot be made after launch. Thus, we have decided to include a function on our Masterchef contract that allows us to transfer ownership of the Glide token. The DeFi space moves quickly, and we want to ensure Glide can remain adaptive to evolving standards. Therefore, our Masterchef contract will be placed behind a 7-day timelock to ensure users have ample time to react should the Glide token ownership be transferred, maliciously or not.

Liquid Staking

The results from the audit completed for the stELA liquid staking protocol can be viewed here.

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