How to get ELA onto the Elastos Smart Chain (ESC)

Withdrawing ELA from centralized exchanges

The primary exchanges to acquire ELA are Huobi and Kucoin. Please note that the ELA available on these exchanges is mainchain ELA. Begin by withdrawing ELA from the CEX to your mainchain address found in Elastos Essentials. From there, transfer your ELA to ESC (see the next section for instructions).

Warning: Heco has it's own wrapped version of ELA called HELA. You cannot withdraw ELA to Heco and then bridge to ESC. It must go through the mainchain. Similarly, do not deposit ELA bridged to Heco from ESC to Huobi. It will not work.

Transfering ELA from the Elastos mainchain to ESC

Because of Elastos' mainchain-sidechain structure, users will need to withdraw their ELA to the mainchain first (using a wallet such as Elastos Essentials), and then transfer their ELA to the Elastos Smart Chain (ESC). See this brief visual guide for how to move between mainchain and ESC.

Bridging ELA from other chains to the Elastos Smart Chain (ESC)

ELA is also available as a wrapped version on Uniswap (Ethereum network). If you purchase ELA there, you can bridge it to ESC using Glide's Bridge. However, in order to save on gas fees we recommend that users first bridge ETH to ESC, and then swap for ELA on Glide.

Swap for ELA on Glide

Once you have any of our supported assets on ESC (see Bridge for the list), you can swap for ELA using Glide's swap page. You will just need some gas in ELA to do this.

I have no ELA gas! Help! Not to worry. All bridging transactions originating from the Ethereum and Heco networks automatically deliver a small amount of gas to the user.

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