Frequently Asked Questions

How do I farm?

Farming requires providing liquidity to one of the pools which you can find on the "Farm" page.

You can farm your liquidity pool (LP) tokens on the Farm page listed below, approving the contract, and choosing the amount you want to farm. See the farms page for more details.

How can I join the Sugar Pools?

You can join any of the pools by swapping for GLIDE or harvesting GLIDE from farms and rewards.

What is the max supply of GLIDE?

GLIDE maximum supply is 50 million, distributed over a 10 year period.

How do I connect my wallet to Glide?

Navigate to the side bar and click on the "Connect Wallet" button. Then select the wallet you want to connect to Glide in the modal. Approve the connection and your wallet will be connected.

How do I set up my wallet on Elastos?

For MetaMask users, rather than manually adding a custom RPC, Glide will automatically create network settings for your MetaMask wallet. No setup is required. If you wish to add it yourself anyways, see the RPC Endpoints section for settings. For Elastos Essentials users, simply check that your wallet it set to Elastos under 'Networks'.

My funds are stuck on the bridge?

There could be many reasons why the bridge is not going through. Don't panic, your funds are safe, but we may need to contract the bridge team and have them re-trigger the transaction. If this happens to you, please contact us on Telegram and provide your bridge transaction id.

How do I fix pending transactions on Metamask?

If hitting "cancel" in the "Activities" tap isn't working, you can try the below option. It basically overwrites the previous one with another buy using the same "nonce", which is like a file name: 1. On Metamask, click on the circle icon on the top right, and go to Settings > Advanced 2. Scroll down to find "Advanced gas control" and "Customize transaction nonce". and make sure they are both ON

3. Back in the main interface, find your target "pending" transaction in the "Activities". Take note of the "Nonce" number, we'll use this later to find the transaction again.

4. Make a new transaction to replace it, but this time with increased Gas Price to raise the probability of the transaction going through.

5. On the confirmation step, put in the Nonce number that you took good notes of in step 3, and hit Confirm

6. Your new transaction should be queued in the activities

Why does it say I have no ELA balance?

You're most likely not connected to the Elastos Smart Chain within your wallet.

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